Monday, August 06, 2007

Frosty Paws Revisited

Some of are friends are asking where to buy Frosty Paws. We had Mom do an Internet search and here is the home page for Frosty Paws. It looks like you can only get them in the USA (and maybe Canada and Mexico). For all of our international friends, we suggest you visit Nanook or Maggie of SoCal to get their recipes. If you look around, you can find some other recipes on other blogs. Mom made us a homemade batch that we haven't tried yet. She says homemade is probably tastier for humans and it sure is less expensive!

While Mom was looking for the above information, she found this article. It is about some human who tried our treats. If you have a weak stomach, you might want to skip the link but Mom said she was laughing so hard she just had to let you know about it.


LANCELOT said...

Hehe, mommy and I had a good laugh reading the article about the frosty paws! I've personally never tried them, and neither has mommy. Know what's funny though, sometimes I'll see mommy sneaking a little nibble of my treats just to see what they taste like. I guess she's a curious human!!

Well dachsies, I'm so glad you found my webpage! I'll be looking forward to reading more about you three!!


Lorenza said...

Hi, friends.
I haven't seen frosty paws here. I think I have to go on with the ones my mom made for me. And let me tell you, she has tasted them. She says she needs to be sure they are good for me!!
Have a good night

dog lover said...

Hi Dachsies!

I just wanted to let you know that I'm not sure if all that fruit and sugar is good for doggies. My friend's old dachsie used to like fruit so we would give him some occasionally and got diabetes. The vet got REALLY mad at us for giving him fruit!

Don't eat too much sugar!


Dog lover

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hum.. I wonder if hamsters can eat frosty paws too. Haaa thanks for sharing that article. Guess hoomans dont like frosty paws as much as doggies huh

~ girl girl

Cubby said...

Yes, mom made themistake of licking her fingers when some got on there. The noises she made were hilarious!

Luckie Girl said...

Hey guys,
Thanks for sharing. That was an "interesting" read. hehe

Anonymous said...

I LOOOOVE Frosty Paws and I'm not sharing with any darn human!

Anonymous said...

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Maggie & Marie said...

Yay!!! Thanks for putting this up! I asked my mom if she would get me some...



Ivy said...

tee hee hee! i am sure glad that i am not a human so i can enjoy frosty paws wifout hafing to wash my mouth out.