Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there. We don't have a dad but we have a Grandpa and we want to wish him a Happy Fathers Day. Since Mom has to be mom and dad for us, we want to wish her a Happy Fathers Day too. Of course, we show her how much we love her every day but it's nice to make a special point of telling her.

It is raining AGAIN! It has been raining every afternoon since forever! Rain really messes with our going outside and barking. Maybe we should send this rain to Charlie Kelly-Church. It worked last time!

In our last post, we showed you a picture of Maggie. Zach wanted to know how old she is because she has a "little" silver on her face. Well, Maggie is a rescue so we don't know for sure, but our doggie doctor says she is probably about five or six. He says her face makes her look older than she is but her teeth are a good indication that she is still plenty young. She has had puppies so we don't know if someone used her to make puppies or if she was on the streets and nature took its course. She's not having anymore puppies though. Dachshund Rescue of Houston took care of that! We don't want to add to the over-population of unwanted dogs!

When Zach asked the question, we realized you don't get to see Maggie in too many pictures. It's not because Mom doesn't like Maggie (because she likes Maggie a lot!), it's because the times when she is around Maggie are when we are in the country. Mom takes most of her pictures when Aunt Bec decides to take a nap and guess who gets to nap with Aunt Bec. If Mom took that picture, she would be swimming in the fish pond and her camera would be broken ... not that Aunt Bec is really violent or anything.

Mom took more pictures of the fish pond when we were out at the country around the end of May so she wants to post some of them. Since it is sort of her day, we will let her do it. Just in case you forgot, this pond is on Grandpa's land. Our land is to the left of it.

And here is a picture of a colorful bird that is eats the catfish. Grandpa does not like these birds for that reason.

And finally, because this is a blog about dachsies, here is a picture of all five of us in jail. Mom had to make the jail bigger than usual because there are two more of us in there. It starts off looking a little better but we jump against the bars and the pieces slide across the floor until they come to rest against the table. Mom says you are all going to think she is messy. (Hey, the truth hurts sometimes.)


Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Dachsies...
Happy Father's Day to your Mom too! I don't have a hooman dad either so I better go give my Mom some extra love today too!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

The Army of Four said...

Happy Dad's Day to your mom!!!
What kind of birdie is that? I don't think we've seen one like that!
What did you guys do to land in the slammer like that? Ha roo roo roo!
Play bows,

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Nice pond. Don't know about jail stuff. Never been.

Don't matter who you have - so long as they love you lots. And your mom does.


JustMeCopper said...

Those are lovely pictures. I am glad you don't take pictures of people napping without their permission. That would be mean. My Mom sometimes takes pictures of me napping though.

My Mom would like to know more about that jail system. How did you make that. My Mom is also curious.... do you all sleep in seperate beds in jail? Hershey and I would share.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Friends.
I am in the same situation like you. My mom is mom and dad for me. And like you I love her so much!
I like the picture of all of you in your jail with your 5 beds in there!
Have a good night

Pacco de Mongrel said...

hey a bigger playpen for u guys...\

but u hv no idea wat is actually a jail.....a jail should b a cage instead...d 'thing' i'm living in currently

Joe Stains said...

happy fathers day to your gramps!!

IndyPindy said...

Awww, why are you all in jail? You are all so cute! I love little dogs, I play with them at my day care.

I'll talk to you soon!

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey guys,
hehe...your jail seems so big, I think your Mom is the one jailed at home cos she doesn't have much place to walk about does she? haha..
Erm, anyhoo, why must all 5 of you be confined? How are you going to do zoomies around the house with all the beds tossed around?

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Happy father's day to your mum and grandpa.

Is it squeezy for you doggies in that jail?

~ girl girl

Reina the Doxie said...

Happy Father's Day to your Grandpa!
Oh, and i love your land. Maybe the next time you guys see the bird, chase after it!
I think its really cool that each of you have the same looking bed!


Peanut said...

Happy Father's day to your mom and Grandpa. Look at all of you in jail. Why did your mom put you in there?

Bob-kat said...

Wow, that's a really big pond in those photo's! It must have lots of fish in it. That is also a cute pic of all of you in doggie jail.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know about Maggie! My next question is ... do you guy swim? Can you swim in the pond? That would be fun!

MJ's doghouse said...

i guess it doesnt seem so much like jail when you have all five of are very lucky..i used to get imprisoned when mom and dad wnet out..but iam a couch rider now...andthat is what i do..i am on the couch when they leave and still on it when they get home..good times my friends..i am so glad you are back bloggin..i missed you alot..and guess what pink weeeener dog is still in one piece...well..except for the wee ear mishap)

Lilyth said...

The pond makes me want to swiiiiimmmm~ I can only go in a kiddie pool right now, so I would love to sink my paws into some deeper waters!!

That jail looks mighty fine to me. Not that I'd want to be there or anything~