Friday, June 22, 2007

Being a Foster Dog and Getting Adopted

Hello, everydog, cat and GirlGirl,

Andy here again.

As I mentioned, today is the anniversary of my adoption. But I had lived some of my life before my adoption day. Someone was supposed to be taking care of me but wasn't giving me my heartworm protection medicine. Heartworms are nasty, horrible things that can kill us if we don't get our medicine each month. Well, I got heartworms and Mom thinks that is why someone got rid of me. Dachshund Rescue of Houston thought I deserved a better chance at life so they took me in. I lived in a kennel at the veterinarian's office for a while because there wasn't a home for me to live in. I didn't even have a name so they called me Dachsie #2. Then Aunt Bec adopted Maggie (who was one of Mom's fosters) and Mom said she would take another foster. She asked for Dachsie #1 but he already had a home so DRoH asked if she would take me. I can't believe how close I came to never meeting Mom! Anyway, she took me home and named me and took me to the vet so he could give me the shots to get rid of my heartworms.

This is one of the first pictures Mom has of me. Aunt Bec took it when we were all at the country house. I had been living with Mom about a month. Aunt Bec sent the picture to DRoH so they would have a cute picture that would make someone want to adopt me.

It's a pretty cute picture, isn't it? Of course all of this talk about someone else adopting me had me pretty worried.

Mom started talking about adopting me but she was concerned about having three dogs. So I worried some more ...

I started showing Mom what a good guard dog I am.

So she finally adopted me and I could get a good night's sleep.

The best part about being adopted is I know I get to see Mom and Roxie and Sammy everyday. I know I'll get fed. I have lots of toys to play with. I get to be petted and loved on.

In fact, Mom let me celebrate my adoption anniversary by sleeping with her last night. She says it's not really sleeping for her because some little dog lays in the middle of the bed and somehow succeeds in leaving her one little spot to sleep in. I didn't see any other dogs in the bed so I'm not sure who she meant. This morning, Mom gave me some extra cottage cheese with my breakfast. I love my cottage cheese. I always eat it first. One time when Mom forgot to get more, I looked at my bowl and looked at her. She doesn't run out of cottage cheese anymore.

We didn't really celebrate today because Mom had to work. When she got home it was raining, raining, raining so we had dinner and sat down to watch some television. But I wanted to make a blog entry to let you know all about my adoption. I know some of you have heard this all before, but I want the rest of my friends to know too. I hope your humans remember that rescued doggies are good pets too!

I have to go now. I need to find out if that other dog is taking up the best part of Mom's bed. Maybe I can get him to go into my crate and I can sleep with her again!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Andy.
You have a sad past but that is history. I know now you are a happy boy. Glad you found your mom who loves you so much and Roxie and Sammy too.
Have a good night

Reina the Doxie said...

Hi Andy,
This is such a heartwarming story that you share with us. Life is definitely good now that you have Roxie, Sammy and of course your mum. The past is history and shall always remain as the past :p
Now you have a wonderful future and great friends like us! hehehe

Tigersan said...

Life has its ups and downs... me hopes all of your downs are past ;)

Me hopes you can get some more of that bed time... enjoy!!!

Mona,Jacks & Toby too!! said...

I'm so happy your Mom decided to keep you just like my Mom kept me.I had heartworms so bad they say I should have died but Mommy said NO she wouldn't let me.
Our past history is thankfully over & there is only good ahead for us because our Moms will keep us safe. I am so proud of your Mom and mine for fostering us and then keeping us.

All of us are honered to be your friends...........TOBY

Katherine and Pippa, said...

That is a nice story - well it has a happy ending so that is nice.

We are not surprised your mom adopted you though - you look sooooo irresistable.

Pippa and Kate

hershey the doglet said...

happy adoption day andy!! i loved your story. it makes me and mom sad to hear of people not taking care of their pets. she loves watching "animal rescue" shows on animal planet because she gets to see how happy the pets are at their new homes. my daddy doesn't like to watch it cause the beginning makes him too sad. mom and dad tried to adopt a dachsie when they lived in augusta. some bad lady had 60 dachshunds living in crates (she said she was a breeder!) they never got to leave their crates and there were 3 or 4 in a crate! isn't that horrible. well they got rescued and there was ton of news about them and the morning they were up for adoption it was first come first served and you had to call on the phone to get an appointment at a certain time on a certain day. WELL mom and dad sat there with both their cell phones and called for 30 minutes constantly pushing redial and never got through until finally they were told they were all taken in the first 10 minutes!! there were hundreds of people calling. they were really sad BUT they wouldn't have got me if they had got one of those other dachsies. so i guess its a happy ending, right?!

Peanut said...

Oh sorry to hear you had heartworms. I'm so glad you mom kept you so we got to get to know you.
Rescue Doggies are the best

Flash(a rescue doggie himself)

Ruby Bleu said...

I'm so glad you got adopted, otherwise how would I have gotten to know you! You are a lucky doggie Andy!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

JustMeCopper said...

That is a wonderful story Andy. I love the picture of you on the green couch.

MJ's doghouse said...

thats mommy and daddy always complain about some dog taking up the whole bed too...parents are wierd...i am the only dog there...and i am sleeping just fine....some people are never happy...oh and happy adoption day....i am so happy your mom adopted you...otherwise we would never have bet you..hugggs to one of my favorite weeeeeener dogs...

Bob-kat said...

Awww, that is a lovely tale with a happy ending. I am very glad you found your home. You look so peaceful nad happy asleep on the sofa!

My cat is adopted and that was about 15 years ago!


Oh Andy I'm adopted too we should start a club. Happy Adoption day!


PiratesGrrl said...

Dear Andy,

We have really enjoyed getting to know you these last few months and while your past is sad your future is bright. Your Mom is so lucky to have you and you're so lucky to have her.

Happy Adoption Day!

The Brat Pack

Joe Stains said...

andy, this is a great story with a great ending!

Luckie Girl said...

Oh Andy,
I'm so glad your Mom decided to let you stay on. I'm sure she never regreted her decision for one moment.
Now you have your family, Roxie & Sammy and all of us here!!

Luckie Girl said...

Oh Andy,
I'm so glad your Mom decided to let you stay on. I'm sure she never regreted her decision for one moment.
Now you have your family, Roxie & Sammy and all of us here!!

Cubby said...

Congrats on your adoption day!