Friday, June 01, 2007

Baby Cowdogs

In our previous post, we told you we would show you pictures of baby cowdogs. But first, did anybody find the black cowdog in the picture? We thought she did a really good job of hiding!

Here are the two baby cowdogs that we saw every day. There might have been other ones but we didn't see them ... especially on the day we were taking pictures.

This little guy couldn't decide what he thought of Mom's car. Whenever the farmer comes over, he brings food. We didn't bring any food for him.

(In case you noticed the background, that is the family cemetery. It was established in 1834 and lots of Mom's and Aunt Bec's and Uncle John's and Aunt Terry's and Uncle Jim's and Aunt Sue's and Grandpa's relatives are buried there. The cemetery was a major reason why Uncle John, Aunt Bec and Mom wanted to buy the land from Grandpa's cousin if she ever decided to sell it ... which she did!)

This little one decided to face off Mom when she was driving down the road. Mom took the picture and then drove around him because he never did move out of the way. By the way, that is our land behind him and to the right.

We showed some pictures once of the food the cows get. Army of Four pointed out that they were giant shredded wheat. We found the field where they grow the giant shredded wheat!

We don't tell as good of stories as Army of Four, but we hope you liked the pictures!


Ruby Bleu said...

Those little cow dogs are very cute. I've never seen giant shredded wheat like will keep you pretty regular, huh?

Those pix were great!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

MJ's doghouse said...

wow i cant believe you daschies have your very own land....i wish i haad my own land..i would fill it with things just for me....the cow dogs are very cute...i dont know if i have seen a cow up close..i will have to think about that...i do see those big horsedogs all the time though...they pull carriages full of tourists around ehre

Reina the Doxie said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. Its really nice to own a land cause you can run like a crazy dog!
The baby cows are very cute. Will u play with them? hee..


Katherine and Pippa, said...

We have cow dogs. I often go to the fence and do rub noses with them.

I do rub noses with donkey dogs and horse dogs too. It is nice. You might want to try it with the baby cow dogs, although you might have to stand on tippy paws.



Ivy said...

oh how cool! i luv cowdogs! i wish there were sum that lived as close as yours do. you are so lucky to haf a big big yard to patrol!

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey dachies,
Those cowdogs sure look very adorable. Do they fetch?? Or perhaps rollover?? :)
I love your pikctures of the country cos we don't get much of that here in Singapore.

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends.
Those babycows are cute! I want a babycow to play with!
Sure you enjoy your land. Looks like a big place to run around and have lots of fun.

Tigersan said...

Wow... look at all that green :)

How nice... me gets lots of the blue here in Okinawa... but that green is the good stuff ;)

Anonymous said...

Do you think if the mama cow squirted milk on the shredded wheat you would be able to eat it? Are there any old dogs buried in the family plot?

JustMeCopper said...

Wow, a field that grows your own cereal AND you get to bark as much as you want to? Can you tell me where you live so I move in with you now?

My Mom told me to ask how many acres is it and will you and Mom build a house out there anytime soon?

My Mom told me a funny story. One time when she was a teenager she went to visit a farm with a girl friend. It was the girlfriend's grandparent's farm and they had pigs and cows and terrible horseflies that bit my mother till she got sick. My teenage mother saw the baby pigs they had and wanted to hold them but they said "No, yoy silly city girl, you don't HOLD baby pigs!" Then, one morning she woke up in the feather bed to a cowdog scratching her head in a bush right outside her window and saying MooOOO! It was quite an experiece, the country.

Peanut said...

I want our own land. Man mom and dad need to get on that. Those baby cow dogs are sure cute.

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

WOW - those cowdogs are way cool, especially the little cowdog. Looks like you had lots of fun in the country - and I really liked your story :)


Flossikens said...

those cowdogs look yummy (:

I wouldnt mind chewing on one, hehes (:

Love floss & jez♥

Chicote said...

Looks like you have lots of room to roam. Lots of smells to smell and sights to see. Looks like heaven.


Bob-kat said...

Hey Dachsies. Just popped by to catch up on your adventures and it sounds like you've been having a great time :)

The pics of the 'cowdogs' are great. Fiesty little things at times aren't they, even facing down the car!

Dory and Liza said...

My mom grew up with cow dogs and she and I LOVED all your cow dog pictures!!

You guys rock! Have a happy day - Dory

Isabel Reyes said...

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Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh the baby cowdogs are so cute... I wonder if shredded wheat are yummy...

~ girl girl

Cubby said...

Such cute little babies! Thanks for showing us!

Cairo The Boxer said...

WOW!! Those pictures are amazing! I love the baby cowdogs. Love the farm and how cool that your ancestors are all in the same place.

Look at all that land! We don't see much of that here in southern california

hana said...

The cowdogs are cute! They grow up though, don't they?

The Army of Four said...

WOW! You discovered where Giant Shredded Wheat comes from! How COOL! You guys are amazing!
Play bows,
PS: I think you're GREAT at telling stories!!!