Friday, May 25, 2007

Dachsie History

Our dachsie friend, Reina, was insulted by some stupid human who thought she was a cheap dog. Well, that just makes our blood boil.

We may not have the tall bearing of a poodle like Isabella or the fluffiness of a husky like Army of Four but we were bred to be hunters. We were bred by German foresters to hunt badgers in their dens. Actually, that is how we got our breed name. The German word for badger is dachs and the German word for dog is hund so dachshund really means badger dog.

We hope you'll go visit the link to learn about dachshunds.

So, Reina, don't worry about stupid people. You have a distinguished ancestry.

Gosh, look at the time! We need to get packed for going to the country. You won't hear from us for a couple of days because we will be too busy having fun, fun, fun (and Mom refused to get a Blackberry because she didn't want to be able to check her work email when she was on vacation).


Mary-Margaret said...

What's a Badger? Is it like a Groundhog? We have groundhogs under our porch but our handy man, Matt, say's he's going to relocate them. Do they have Badgers in Pennsylvania? And I agree with "Hmmmph". Whoever insulted Reina isn't good enough to lick her tummy. Really. That is SOOO rude.

Miss you guys. Hope this post goes through.

Love ya...Mary-Margaret

Cairo The Boxer said...

Have a great time in the country! And I always knew you guys were great dogs!!!!

MJ's doghouse said...

wow i wish i was going to the long as it has nothing to do with camping...i need a bed....have a good weekend all of you and see you on monday or tuesday

Ruby Bleu said...

Thanks for the the history's always fun to learn my doggie friend's different breeds. Have a great time at the country!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Reina the Doxie said...

Hi Roxie, Sammy & Andy!

THanks for keeping my head up high!
Enjoy your trip to the country alright?


Lorenza said...

Hi, guys!
I told Reina to forget about that kind of people, they don't know us!
Have fun at the country!

Orson said...

That is good info, silly hoomans should know that everydog is important, and can do a good job at many different things! Hmmmmff!

Have a good sounds like a wonderful time you have planned!


Bob-kat said...

How rude and ignorant! All dogs are special in their own way.

Isabella said...

Are there any badgers for you to get at your country home? If so- hope you have a great badger hunting weekend!
Big Wags,

Janie said...

Have a fun weekend!

Janie T.P.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Dachsies, its me again. Sorry but I tagged you.
Have a good night

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Dachsies,
Quite true..i love to HUNT!! :) Enjoy your weekend..why didn't your Mom want a blackberry? I mean she could get one for the three of you so you can blog from the country or sumthing.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hope you doggies have a great time in the country. Come back with pictures.

~ Girl girl

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hope you are all having a good time. We have tagged you too. We tagged Sammy so you can't cheat and write seven things about all of you. Has to be seven about Sammy. Heehee.

Pippa and Kate


You guys are great and don't let anyone tell you anything different.


The Army of Four said...

Who is this human? Would you like us to stare at him or her for you?
Enjoy the country - bark at some cow-dogs!
Tail wags,

Cubby said...

Have a good vacation! We look forward to seeing you again! Take some cowdog photos!

Chicote said...

I wish mom would take me to the country. I bet there's great places to bask.


Mona,Jacks & Toby too!! said...

Wow!! those cowdog puppies are so cute. We don't know if Uncle Jimmy has any cowdog babies in the country. Finally a weekend without rain and Mom says we can't go because of the accident.

Oh well........that's life.