Monday, April 09, 2007

The Secret Revealed and Our First Anniversary of Blogging

Today we can tell the secret! We are going to work on this entry early even though we can't post it until this afternoon. Our friends made some good guesses - a new dachsie-limo, a pool, a summer house in the country. Well, Copper should be a detective because he figured it out! Mom and Aunt Bec bought 20 acres out in the country next to Grandpa's 40 acres. And Uncle John bought another 20 acres next to Grandpa's.

Here is a quick history about the land. Our great-great-great-great-great grandpa got some land in 1834. It has been passed down through generations and Grandpa and his cousin have each owned 40 acres of it after they inherited it from their parents. There is even a family cemetery that was established in 1838. Today Grandpa's cousin sold her 40 acres to Mom, Aunt Bec and Uncle John! Mom and Aunt Bec started talking about wanting to buy the land from Grandpa's cousin last year but thought, if it happened at all, it would be years from now. Well, it wasn't even one year before it happened!

This picture is from the front porch of Grandma and Grandpa's country house looking toward Mom and Aunt Bec's land. It was rainy that day so you can't see much. Well, there isn't really much to see. Right now it is just land with some trees and cowdogs on it but some day it will have our house on it, maybe even in the same place where the original homestead was built back in the 1830s! You probably won't be able to see Mom and Aunt Bec's house from Grandma and Grandpa's house but everyone will know they are close. And there are more cousins on the land next to ours.

We looked for some other pictures to share with you but they all look pretty much the same and, even though our human relatives are excited about this, we don't expect our blogging buddies to want to look at a bunch of pictures of empty land. That is pretty boring.

We are all going out to the country house near the end of April. We are going to walk around the land and look at where the original homestead was built and decide if that is where we want to build. We have plenty of time to do all of this stuff because we can do it when we want to do it. But now when we bark at the cowdogs, we will be telling them to not poop on our land!!

Oh, and tell Mom we did not blab this all over the Internet. We are only telling you, our closest friends!

Which reminds us of the other part of this blog entry. Exactly one year ago today, Andy made an entry titled "Andy". It was our very first entry. We were inspired to blog by Isabella, Zach, Cubby, Cairo and Pet Peeves. Along the way, we have joined Dogs With Blogs and met lots of other cool dogs. We even have a couple of cat friends, Zeus and Bobkat (this is really a human with a cat but close enough), a hamster friend, Fufu, and one really big lizard friend, Chicote. We would love to list all of our friends (and we see that we don't even have a link for everyone here on our blog; note to Mom: fix this), but there just isn't enough space! Just know that we are glad we have you as friends; we love blogging and we love reading your blogs.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy, Land Barons


Katherine and Pippa said...

Hello Roxie, Sammy and Andy
What brilliant news. I would love so much space to play in and snooze in. You will be able to have beautiful dog parties. Is it easy to get a doggreencard and come and live with you? Your mom must be so excited. Master and mistress send you lots of love, they think that would be terrific and you must post lots more pix and tell us a bit more about the history. Well, tell them anyway. You don't need to bark at cows you know, I don't do that. They are our friends. And congratulations on your anniversary too. Ruffs from Pipps.

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hi hi,
Happy 1st Anniversary!! :) Oh wow, that's a lot of land for you guys to run about. Will your Mom and Aunt Bec decide to build houses on the land next time?

Fu Fu said...

Hey guys, woh.. You're going to have so much space. Do take moew pictures when you go to your country house. :) I'm glad you guys blog, I like to read about you 3. :) Happy 1st Anniversary

~ fufu

Isabella said...

Wow! Now you kids are land owners! That is so kewl! Are you going to get some cow dogs of your own?

And congratualtions on your blogging anniversary! It sure has changed since we old-timer bloggers started blogging, hasn't it? The list of critter blogs has grown and grown. Pretty darn kewl, huh?
Big Wags,

JustMeCopper said...

Wow, I have so many questions. The bottom line is will you 3 be living in the country someday or just going out there for weekends?

JustMeCopper said...

Oh,Happy Anniversary. I have no idea how long I have been blogging, I will have to check.

Joe Stains said...

wow, that is a great secret!!! congrats on the anniversary!

Charlie said...

WOW! Thats lots of room to go running! Happy blogiversary!

MJ's doghouse said...

will they build you a weiner condo...funtimes in the looks like you can run forever there....happy blogg iversary happy bloggaversary happyboggiversary.hhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaapppy bloggiversary

PiratesGrrl said...

WOW! How exciting, think of all that land you'll get to explore!! You're SO lucky!!

We think you should host a celebration!

The Brat Pack

Bob-kat said...

That is such exciting news for you and your mom and her family! It's great that the land is staying in the family and that you will get a new home and be able to run around in that nice green place!

Thanks for sharing the news and I am very proud to be let in on the secret as one of your blog friends (even if I am a human!).

I have some animal pics on my blog at the moment so if you pop by try not to chase frighten them by barking too much! :0)

The Army of Four said...

Happy blogaversary! Oooh, that first picture of Andy is MIGHTY cute!
How exciting about the secret! Don't worry, we won't tell anypup. Think of all the cow-dogs you can bark at! How COOL!
Play bows,

Toby said...

Hiya Hello Roxie, Sammy & Andy!! Wow, you guys are super lucky!!! It's like your very own park??!?!?! I want one too!!!!


Ivy said...

awesome secret! i want to come visit you for vacashun!

Flossikens said...

Heyyy Guys (:

THATS GREAT! im happy for your mum! and yous too looks like a nice BIG place for yous to run around

Dont forget to tell those cowdogs not too poop on your land (: ehhes

love flossy

Pippin, the Gentle Pup said...

Happy Anniversary of Blogging, Dachsies!!

And many, many congrats to your people on the land they bought you. My people REALLY want some land too so that they can do the proper thing and by me and my pack some sheep (and themselves some chickens). You are really lucky Dachsies


Dory and Liza said...

Happy anniversary!! We loved the photo of your land - nothing better to do than roam around a big yard!!

Good for you!


Anonymous said...

I thought that might be the secret .. well, Mom thought so. I thought you might be getting dinosaur bones. Congrats on the blogging anniversary.

Cubby said...

Happy Anniversary! We love you guys!

Cubby said...

Oh, and congrats on the land, too!