Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The New Toy

Hi, dogfriends! Andy here.

The other day Mom bought this toy for our cousin Jake. He is really tough on toys and is an expert at ripping them up and pulling the stuffing out in a couple of minutes. He had one of these chickens before and it took him a couple of weeks to completely destroy it. When Mom saw this one in the store, she decided to buy it for him even though it was a little expensive for a dog toy.

Jake and Maggie and Aunt Bec came over the other night, so Mom gave Jake the toy. He was having a lot of fun playing with it but then he decided to go outside. Jake likes to be outside more than any of us. He will spend hours out there.

Anyway, when Jake left the toy, I decided to go check it out but I had to keep an eye out for Jake.

I decided I like the toy so much, I would protect it. Oh, okay, I decided it made a comfy pillow so I laid my head on it.

Jake did not take the toy home with him ... but he still gets to play with it when he comes over.

(Note from Mom: If Jake wants to take the toy home, he may. I bought it for Jake. If Andy really wants a toy like this, I will shell out another $12 to get him one.)


Jill said...

Could be worse. I usually play with Lady's old toys. Once in a while she decides to play with one. Then I jump down out of the chair and grab it. Then Mom fusses at me. Well, Lady won't play, wha's a girl to do?


Pappy's Fella said...

You should take your cue from Jake-- there's a real sense of accomplishment in unstuffing a toy.

The Leskiw Gang said...

Willow does that too destuffs her toys. Cute chicken.
Paws & Kisses,
Maggie Rose

Isabella said...

What a kewl toy! That picture of you resting your head on it is so cute! I'm glad Jake didn't take and it got to stay with you.

Hey- could the secret be that your mom is having a swimming pool installed for you guys? Wouldn't that be fun!
Big Wags,

Anonymous said...

That's a scary looking toy if you ask me! I'd keep an eye on it too!

Joe Stains said...

that chicken is so cute! I had toys by that company too, but the doofus ate them :(

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Andy!!
What a coincidence! I just used Mr Brown Bear as my pillow and was about to blog about it. :)

Fu Fu said...

Hey Andy, that chicken looks fun. And you're a great protector for that chicken. :) Is it comfy to rest on?b

~ fufu

MJ's doghouse said...

hey and the chicken could make a good looks very comfy to me...i have lots of stuffies..well..they were they are unstuffies...hahahha...headless usually...

Ferndoggle said...

Everydog needs a good chicken!

Lola the little white Boxer

Dory and Liza said...

How cute you are Andy - I must say I prefer my fowl to be a little more exotic. I have a stuffed mallard, wood duck, canadian goose and pheasant. (Although mom never lets me have them al at once!!)

Have a happy day - Dory

The Army of Four said...

Cool toy, Andy! It looks like a very comfy pillow. I like dual purpose things like that!
Play bows,

Suki said...

ouch...$12! But, if it lasts, it's worth it. I loved stuffed toys, too, but I have yet to de-stuff one. That will be a wonderful day.

Puggy kisses

Cairo The Boxer said...

What a cute pair. Andy tell your mom to buy another one for Jake this is YOUR new pal.

Dachsies Rule said...

Oh, Cairo! I like that idea. I will make sure Mom reads this and understands that chicken is MINE now.


Cubby said...

Cool chicken!

Pacco de Mongrel said...

ur new toy looks so attractive..

is it comfortable to b slept on?