Friday, April 20, 2007

Heading Out, See You Sunday Night

Well, we are heading out this afternoon to the country. It was almost a "no go". Aunt Bec called and said Maggie and Jake were feeling bad. She wanted to keep an eye on them before she took them out. But this morning, she called and said they looked like they were feeling much better and, as long as we leave a little later than usual, we could probably leave tonight! We are so excited!!

We were afraid after last night, Mom might just leave us here and go without us. We wouldn't come into the house when it was time for dinner ... well, Sammy came but he is always hoping it is mealtime! Andy finally came in the house but he was too busy playing with his tennis ball to eat. Mom had put his bowl down and turned around. She heard a dog behind her and turned around to find SAMMY eating out of Andy's bowl! Oh, you don't even want to know what she said to him but he went outside as soon as she opened the door and pointed. She was a little worried because we take Bendryl and she puts it in some soft dog food and Sammy ate his and Andy's. In the meantime, Roxie is outside barking at something and won't come inside. Mom gave Andy a little more food and called for Roxie again. Mom didn't want to put the cottage cheese or soft (canned) food in Roxie's bowl until she was in the house. By the time Roxie came in, Mom had already put the extra food away. Roxie kept looking at Mom wondering where the good stuff was. Roxie never did get any of it last night. She had to settle for cold, hard kibble. And she didn't get her after dinner treat either. Poor Roxie.

But this morning everything is back to normal. We came when Mom called. We ate our own food. We got our treats. And later today, we go to our land and walk around on it and bark at cowdogs and everything else.

You probably won't hear from us until maybe Sunday but probably Monday. We hope everyone has a great weekend. We will get Mom to take lots of pictures and post them. She has been lazy and not been posting pictures. How can you admire our beauty if you don't have any pictures to look at???


The Army of Four said...

Have a happy, safe weekend, roo guys!!! Hope your mama takes cool pictures of you!
Play bows,

JustMeCopper said...

I got a heart worm pill in some cheese tonight in My food! Yea!

Luckie the Dachie said...

Have a fun filled weekend guys!! :)

Bruce the Bird Dog said...

Have fun! Hope we get to see some cute pics later!