Monday, March 19, 2007

Still a Secret

We have been trying to find out Mom's secret but she isn't telling. We know she has talked to our Grandpa and our human uncle in the last few days so they must be involved in this secret too. Pretty soon one of them will let slip a hint and we will be on it like the great hunters we are!

It's very late. Mom had to put new batteries in the thermostat once she realized the house was getting hotter and not cooler. Since she likes it to be like a meat locker in the house when she sleeps, she checked the thermostat to find out what was happening. It was 75 degrees (Fahrenheit)! She couldn't find the manual so she decided she had the Internet at her fingertips so she looked up the model number and found the users manual on line. A minute or two later, she had cold air again. Since she wanted it to cool down a bit before she tried to sleep, she decided to help us with another entry. But it is cool now and we need our beauty sleep.

Talk to you tomorrow!

1 comment:

PiratesGrrl said...

We can't wait to hear the secret!! It must be something good if they're being so careful!

Sloppy kisses,
The Brat Pack