Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sigh ... Back to the Same Old Routine

Well, Mom went back to work today and we went back to jail. To make matters worse, when she got home she took pictures of us in jail instead of letting us out immediately. Don't we look sad and pitiful? Don't you think we should have gotten out as soon as she got home?

Mom said to tell you that those beds are nicely laid out when she leaves in the morning but something happens to them during the day.

We really liked it much better when she was on vacation and stayed at home. She would still leave to run errands but she slept in and was home more so we all got to snuggle on the sofa. Now she goes to work in the morning and doesn't get home until nighttime. It was much better the other way.

We were all sitting on the sofa tonight and Mom got up to go into the kitchen. She used "that voice" that she uses when someone does their business in the house. She threw all of us outside. It's just not fair. First she was gone all day and then we were outside while she was inside.

Well, we think we need to try to soften her up. She was very unhappy about the "incident". Maybe she has forgiven us now. How long until Saturday when she will stay home again?


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Wow you guys look like wild animals in there!

The rents used to try to fence me in, till they came home one day and found me hanging by my collar! My feet weren't even touching the ground!

That was the las time they ever fenced me in.

Bussie Kissies

Fu Fu said...

Oh.. you guys lookso sad in the cage. I hope you guys can get un-cage and out to play more. ;)

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

sigh ... at least you're not in little individual crates ...

Bob-kat said...

Oh dear Dachsies. Perhaps the incident is why you get put in jail? It really is not the best way to show your mom you miss her y'know :-)

macgoogle said...

Hey Dachsies! You have been New Year Tagged! Come check out my blog for details!

Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).

P.S. That's if you can get out of that jail and to a computer!

Sunshade said...

Dear Dachsies,

Do you ever watch TV while your mom is away?? If you do, I highly recommend a show called Prison Break. I think the name is pretty self explanatory.

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

The Army of Four said...

Can't you guys push that thing over? Work together and give it the ol' heave-ho!
Tail wags,

Cubby said...

Poor guys! My mom went back to work today - I guess I got one extra day past what you got. Why don't they just stay home with us?