Friday, January 12, 2007

Ivy's Randy Made a Game!

Hey everydog! You need to go to Ivy's blog and play the new game. You will really like the game once you start to play it! It is so cool! We are lucky Mom didn't look at Ivy's blog until she got home or she might have gotten fired for playing games instead of working ... and then how would we get our dog biscuits?


Flossikens said...

Heyyy Guys (:

Im so sorry about the very very late reply

I hope yous had a wonderful christmas and got lots of yummy food :D

How have yous been? Havnt spoken in ages?

Lots of Love flossy

The Army of Four said...

You guys look REALLY cute in the game! It's so fun!

JustMeCopper said...

Finally, a game I can master. And we're all in it. Cool.

Flossikens said...

Heyy guys (:

Yup i know exactly how you's feel, well Carina knows how your mum feels when people say that she really couldnt care less, about what they think :D

Love flossy

Ivy said...

i am so happy you guys like the game!

i haf to admit that sumtimes i had a hard time telling wich of you wuz wich dachsie in picktures but now that i haf a game to help me it is much easier to remember!

hana said...

I love Randy's game!! The only problem is I get confused with all the dachsies in it!

Fu Fu said...

Hee. I hope your mum dont have too much fun that she forgets to feed you guys.

~ fufu

Bob-kat said...

Cool game. Dachsie and Dachsie - snap!

It's amazing how preferable it is to housework!

Bruce the Bird Dog said...

We are basking in Ivy's fame and Randy's rad computer skills! Life is good for the little ones!

salchicha & lilly said...

Hey neighbors.. getting iced in yet? We are getting the rain now and the temps are falling fast.

Just glad mom made it home before she had to skate home..hehehe.

Cool game.. keep warm!

Boo said...

hey guys,

i played the game and it was so cool. i'm going back to play again!

wet wet licks