Saturday, January 06, 2007

From Buster The Wired Fox Terror

Buster has posted this on his site. If you can help, please do!


URGENT! Two Missing Wire Fox Terriers in Florida!


Dakota (f) & Toby (m) – Wire Fox Terriers are lost in the Lake City area of Florida.

Please help get the word out about 2 missing Wire Fox Terriers. Somebody either stole them or just freed them when the owner went into a gas station in Lake City FLORIDA

On December 18, Brian Johnson, 43, of Hohenwald, Tenn., pulled in to the Shell gas station on the north side of U.S. 90 just west of I-75 in Lake City, Florida. He went inside the gas station and returned to find his family's dogs Dakota and Toby missing. Dakota is an 11-year-old female dog weighing about 20 pounds and was last seen with a red bandanna around her neck and a red and blue collar with her name and the family's old Vero Beach address on it. Toby is a neutered, 5-year-old male dog last seen wearing a blue bandanna and a gray and blue collar without a name tag. Both dogs are white, gray and black, Johnson said.

Lyn Townsend ( is the Florida American Fox Terrier Rescue representative who is working with the Johnson's to find their missing family pets. Lyn has offered to pay a handsome $1000 reward for the return of these dogs.

Since the dogs original release- they have been spotted but efforts to get help have not paid off- they are still missing. Here is the series of events:

Dakota and Lucky were taken from the owners van while at a Shell Station on US 90 in Lake City at 1:30 PM, near the Interstate 75 exit. The owner was in the station trying to find someone to look at his transmission. He was away from his van for 10 minutes. Someone opened the door and either stole the dogs or let them run away.

The owner was driving from Tenn. to Vero Beach on the US 75/Florida Turnpike. He made the mistake of getting off the highway at Lake City.

The owner spent several days trying to find his dogs-no luck.

A dog groomer found the dogs on her porch and shooed them off her property on to US highway 90. The shop owner was aware of the missing wires and called the owner in Tenn. He immediatley drove to Lake City and spent the next 2 days looking for the wires.

F-2 tornado went thru the western part of Lake City on US 90 (where the wires were seen on 12/22.

12/25 thru 12/29- cold front;below freezing temps every night

12/27- the wires were seen by a resident near her home. She called Lake City Animal Services who refused to give her the owner's tel number and did not send a truck to pick up the dogs.

12/29 a man said a neighbor was shooting a rifle/airgun in the air (not at the dogs) trying to scare them off his property because the wires were trying to kill his chickens.

12/30 and 12/31 search teams tried to cover the areas where the dogs were last seen. No sign of the dogs.

Please help get the word out about these dogs. They are very much loved and very much missed and we need everyone's help in returning them safely.

If you have any info please contact:

Florida Fox Terrier Rescue:
Lyn Townsend at:
(407) 333-0524 (Heathrow, FL)

Kella & Brian Johnson
708 Longbranch Rd, Hohenwald, TN 38462
home: 931-796-5415 cell: 772-473-2257 cell: 772-473-2240


Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

I'm going to link this post on my blog.

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Thank you guys for posting this

Bussie Kissies

Johnson1971 said...

I am hoping to locate Dakota and Toby. Their daddy Brian Johnson passed away suddenly on February 7, 2008. It broke his heart when they went missing and he never really stopped looking for them.
I am his sister-in-law and I am willing to arrange to meet with you if you have these dogs as I am hoping to return them to Brian's wife. It would mean so much.