Sunday, December 03, 2006

Card Making

Wow! Our hats are off to everyone who already did all of their cards. We have been designing and printing all morning. We have about half of the cards printed ... at least, half of the fronts. We haven't even started on the message inside! This is hard work. Sammy even stopped to take a nap.

We've had a couple of problems. First Mom had to figure out the new software. She read the book while the computer guy was installing it (the software) but that didn't help her much when she started to use it. Fortunately, she was able to learn a few things. Our cards aren't very fancy but you will know they are from us! Once she got the picture edited and added the words and some festive touches, she started printing. The printer grabbed a couple of sheets once and messed up both of them but she says she will print on the other side and maybe give them to people who won't care about a little extra color on the back. We have 30 goods ones printed so we are about half way. We may stop printing the front of the cards so we can get the message and our signatures inside. We need to get the international cards mailed pretty soon (like TODAY!!). You should see the floor. Mom has all of the cards lined out to dry. She wants to make sure they are competely dry before she runs them through the printer again.

Yep, this is hard work. We think we need to go take naps and leave Mom to work on this a little longer. We will come back to supervise when we wake up!


Cubby said...

Whew! It was hard work, wasn't it? We finished ours yesterday, finally!

Keep up the good work!

Isabella said...

Linda was lazy and cheap so she just made me a simple postcard type card. Next year I am insisting on fancy fabric ones like she makes for her friends! I can't help it if I have lots and lots of friends on my card list and she only has a few. I guess I am just a lot more likeable than she is.
Big Wags,

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

We got mine in the mail Friday to the USA and Saturday to the overseas. Good thing this is just once a year!

I suggested we send valentines, but Mom said only if it's in June of July.

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

My mom didn't sign us up for this exchange ... I think I'm going to call her Scrooge from now on! Harrumph!

The Army of Four said...

Oooh, Sammy! Nice looking nap spot!
Play bows,

Fu Fu said...

Oh you poor doggies. Sammy looks very tired. I hope the computer behaves and work properly for you guys

~ fufu

hana said...

I think that computer needs some training!! Sounds like you have been very busy. I have been too and am just now catching up on some of the blogs. Hope your holidy card turns out swell! For those of us not doing the dogs with blogs card exchange, I hope you post your card after the holidays for the rest of us to see!

Shannon said...

Hey Triple D's
I know how much work the christmas cards are. I spent so much time on mine. So very happy to finally to be done and sent them all out.
I'm up to about 10 and I always get so excited to get home at the end of the day and found out whose I've recieved that day.

PoenyStormRider said...

hey you hv to catch up! mine on the way.. haha

Ivy said...

wow! that is such a lotta work! printers can be reelly stupid huh?