Thursday, December 07, 2006

BRRR ... Winter Is Trying To Blow In

BRRRR ... it is getting cold outside. Mom loves it. She is always too warm so she loves the cold weather. We, on the other paw, have short coats and recognize when it is too cold. We like it chilly but not cold! As much as we admire all of the huskies out there, we have come to accept that we are not like them. They are actually begging for snow! One look at those fluffy coats and we understand but ... BRRRRRR!

We got more cards today. So far we have gotten cards from:
Miss Sunshade
Miss Nugget
Joey & Tanner
The Fleas Gang (Simon, Scarlett & Shelly)
Boomer, Annabelle, Snickers & Turbo Kitty
Miss Sophia
Hershey & Cooper (too cute!)
Bogart Handsome Devil
Isabella (so elegant!)
Comet & BLU
Tin Tin (love the hat!)
Salchicha & Lilly (Howdy, neighbors!)
Holly & the Furry Five
MJ (love the special dachsie touch!)
Butchy & Snickers
Cubby & Dakota (did Cubby pose for the cover shot?)
Mackie & Ollie
Charlie & Opy

Mom has gotten cards from ... from ... oh, yeah ... she hasn't gotten even one card. We are nice and let her look at our cards but we remind her that they were sent to us. This is so much fun. We want to thank Elaine and Miss Sunshade for putting all of this together. It has been a lot of work to get cards ready to mail. We can't even imagine how much work must have gone into organizing it. Special dachsie kisses to both of you!


Cubby said...

I agree about the cold. At our house, there are two cold lovers. Dakota and one of the moms love it. I say ... BRRRRRRRR!

Charlie The Big Dog said...

Send some of that cold our way - its STUPID HOT here!
Were glad you got our card ok. We dont have as many as you yet because we live a long way away. Dad says its not the end of the earth, but you can see it from here:-)
Our humans got one card from dads parents, but they didnt open it yet:-)

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

My rents got one card - from the air conditioning people! Hahahaha! No way am I sharing.

Bussie Kissies

The Other Furries said...

Hey Guys & Gal,
I have gotten tons of cards and Mom has only gotten 2, I don't think the one from the vet counts. But I think youse guys should have your Mom put sweaters on you so you can stay warm. I also envy those doggies that are born for the snow. I have long hair but no undercoat so I get cold really easy.
Paws & Kisses,
Maggie Rose

Roo said...

O.K. you guys before you start complaining about the cold be grateful you don't live here in Minnesota where it was...-20 below yesterday!! Now that's COLD! I tell Momma the same thing about my cards, she can look but don't touch, hee, hee. No to be honest she actually got her first card today!

Your pal,

Ivy said...

i am not even in the card exchange and i haf gotten more cards than my peepol! ha ha ha!

salchicha & lilly said...

hi!! Yah, we love letting mom know she and dad only have 1 cards so far..hehehe. Ours are all over the frig and growing!!