Thursday, October 19, 2006

Poor Andy was Sick

Poor Andy. It was his turn to sleep with Mom and he got sick. Mom thought it only happened once early this morning but when she turned on the light, she could see lots of spots. We are all going to sleep in our crates tonight because Mom just washed all of the sheets and the comforter. We never get to sleep with her with the bed is nice and freshly washed. But anyway, poor Andy must have had a little bit of an upset tummy. Mom thinks the change in the weather and the rain made his allergies act up. She didn't know he had allergies but that's what it seems to be. It didn't slow him down too much or put him off of his food. But he did like curling up next to Mom and feeling all safe and comfy. He was sleeping next to her on the sofa this evening. Mom is such a softie when one of her little ones doesn't feel well. Are we lucky to have her for a mom or what?


Cairo The Boxer said...

Awwww poor Andy. Your mommy is so nice. Do you all sleep in the same crate? Keep eachother warm it is getting really cold here.

Fu Fu said...

Poor Andy, get well soon ok.

~ fufu

MJ's doghouse said...

Poor andy...i fwoed up yesterday..but i think i ate to fast....when dad saw me fwoe up he almost fwoed up was really kinda least mommy thought so...i hope andy is all better.