Sunday, August 27, 2006

Unfair Treatment!

We wait all week for the weekend when Mom can stay home and cater to our every need and what happens? On Friday night, she gets home and spends maybe 20 minutes with us letting us out and feeding us and then she goes out for dinner. On top of that, she didn't bring one little bite back for us.

Then, on Saturday morning, she disappears for about an hour and then comes back with Maggie and Jake. Ok, that part was ok because we like to play with them but they only live about a mile away. What took an hour??

Then, when Aunt Bec comes over, she brings chicken pot pies and they don't share any of that either. This is getting to be a habit and we don't like it! Ok, we got a treat after they finished eating but it didn't smell as good as what they had.

And finally, that evening, they decided to order something called pizza. The doorbell rang and we jumped to defend house and home! Aunt Bec goes into the hallway and we all rush behind her. What's this? Mom has closed the gate and she is on the other side! She went to the front door and there is a strange man waiting. We can't get to her to protect her! This is certainly not working out! But, hey, that pizza stuff smells pretty good. We don't think we've smelled that too much around here. So we decided to forgive Mom and sat patiently waiting for our part of the pizza. We bet we don't even have to tell you the selfishness and unfairness that happened next!! That's right, not one little bite. We even got told to go away. When something smells that good, how are we supposed to go away?


So here we are. Sunday afternoon. At least Mom is home. Of course, now it is raining and there is thunder and lightning. Mom did have to let it rain on the day she finally stays home to pay attention to us.

We ask you -- is this the proper way to treat us? We give her unconditional love and she gives nothing. Ok, nothing but a couple of meals a day and some treats. Oh, and some toys. And an air conditioned house to stay in all day all year long. And comfortable crates to sleep in at night. Wait, this isn't coming out right.

But no chicken pot pie, no pizza and, come to think of it, nothing that she eats unless she is messy and we are fast. Once again, we ask, is this the proper way to treat us?


hershey the doglet said...

i agree dachsies! that is bad treatment! i get the same bad treatment! dad has started only giving me 1 hour to eat (cause i eat slowly and will save some for breakfast too, mom and dad say it messes up my poop schedule, whatever) he says it will teach me to eat all at one sitting, anyways you guys need more than just air conditioning, comfy beds, a loving mom, and good food! we need lots of attention, pampering, and yummy extra goodies!

Anonymous said...

It's unfair, I tell you! You should go on strike. No more kisses until she gives you pizza!

JustMeCopper said...

Yeah, it's not fair .... My Mom works at her job Monday through Thursday and yes .. you guessed it ... leaves me on Friday AND Sunday! Whay do that do that? We should all strike. What can we do to strike?

hana said...

My thoughts exactly! You dachsies need to go on strike! All us doggies will go on strike for you. We all know that doggies give the best greetings ever. We will all withhold our wonderful big greetings to the humans when they come home. We will ignore them. See how they like that! (wish I had some chicken pot pie right now. That sure sounded good.)

Isabella said...

Wow! What was with your mom not sharing any food with you? That's cold! Are you guys on a diet like Opy? I had pot roast and roasted carrots tonight. Come visit and stay with me awhile- I'll have Linda make you yummy dinners every night! I got that old wman trained, dontcha know? Hee Hee! Better wait till Ernesto is gone, though.
Big Wags,

Zeus said...

Don't be surprised if your letter falls on deaf ears, Dachsies. I write letters to my human pet all the time, and it's amazing how quickly she will discard them. She's completely rude if you ask me!

Just be persistent and try to show your human pet how wrong she is for not sharing. The next time she buys pizza, wait for her to bring it to the dining room table and then all three of you should pounce on it and rip the box to shreds. When she asks why you did that, say, "You never share! We thought you would forget us!"

That'll teach her!

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Dudes you are soooo marginalised.

In fact, we are soooo marginalised. Petition time, perhaps?

I can relate, unfortunately. My mum and dad abandoned me for two days this weekend while they went scuba diving. Fish, pffffff.

Lucky I didn't die of starvation. Then they'd feel guilty.

They didn't even bring me back one of those wrigglers.

Anyway, anthing I can do to help in this cause, I'm in.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Flossikens said...


I cant believe your mum did not feed you any of that yummy yummy pizza!!!

Everytime Carina eats she does this:

Carina bites i have the rest, Carina bites i have the rest and so on.



Ronak le Pup said...

Aww, you need to train your humans better... it's as simple as that.
You're so brave. The other day my humans got Chinese delivered, and my tail wagged the whole time the delivery man was here. Some "watch dog" I'm turning out to be!

ranger said...

you are so mistreated!!! mom was tired on sunday as well, and slept all day. it rained here too!

thanks for the note about the awesome blog award! i know you campaigned hard for someone else! i still will give you sloppy licks!


Cubby said...

Poor, poor dachsies. Abused...