Sunday, July 23, 2006

Rain & Heat

It seems like we are all talking about the weather these days. It has been so hot that Mom can't stand to be outside for long - even early in the morning. The only time it cools down is when the storm clouds come in to drop rain on us. Yesterday it rained over an inch in 30 minutes in parts of Houston! There were even warnings about hail! We stood at the doorway and watched the rain come down in the backyard. If you look at the roof, you can see the rain bouncing off of it because it was coming down so fast. Roxie even went outside to check if the whole yard was wet ... it was. This is just no fun. It's either too hot to be outside or too wet. Maybe Mom needs to take us out to the country again. At least there is a big front porch for us to sit on when it rains. And she even sits out there with us while she reads a book.

Here is a cool picture of a couple of dogs that belong to one of Mom's friends. We haven't met them yet but they are Kayla and Terra. Kayla weighs about 5 pounds and Terra weighs about 85! Their mom says they play together well and Terra is careful with Kayla.

We hope you are staying cool and dry ... except you Australian dogs who need to stay warm! Well, we want to find some toys to destroy. We'll catch up with you later!


hershey the doglet said...

hey guys i totally understand! don't you wish it was the same weather all the time! i hate doing business in the rain. when your so close to the ground your belly gets all wet in the grass and when i come inside my mom has to dry my paws off with a towel and i hate it!

Cubby said...

Congratulations on your Dogs With Blogs win!

I wish it would get cold here like in Australia, but mom says summer is just getting into gear...guess we'll all have to stay inside for a few more months!

Ivy said...

hey hey dachsies! you shud come over to my house. here wen it gets too hot i like to jump in the river and swim swim swim. it is so good to be wet and i love to stand outside wen it rains but my peepol think i am crazy.

that rain you guys got looks like maybe too much even for me. looks like a whole river comin' down outta the sky!

i wud love to see a pickture of you guys playin' with the big dog and little dog. that wud be so funny!

Tigersan said...

It is also very hot here in Okinawa... rain is welcome to drop by anytime :)

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Send the rain to Albuquerque. We need it so bad!

Congrats on winning the Dogs with Blogs. I voted for you.

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Thanks for the rain! You could have left the thunder and lightening out!

Dachsies Rule said...


We wanted you to get the full effect of our rain storms. Glad we could share with you ... but some of it is still hanging around here!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy