Monday, July 17, 2006

How We Came to Live With Mom

Two and a half years ago, Mom didn't have any dogs and she must have been really lonely. Her birthday is in March and the man she had been dating for a long time wanted to give her a puppy. He knew she liked smooth red standard dachshunds so he looked all around and finally found someone who had some. They drove over an hour to get to the breeder and found two little girls left from the litter. Mom picked Roxie.

Mom would go home every day from work during lunch to spend extra time with Roxie but Mom thought Roxie was lonely being at home by herself all day long. Mom's sister, our Aunt Bec, had heard about Dachshund Rescue of Houston and she had her eye on one of the dogs. She showed Mom this guy named Sammy. Mom liked him too but what to do? Finally, Mom asked Aunt Bec if she would mind if Mom tried to adopt Sammy. Since Aunt Bec wasn't quite ready to adopt a dog, she was glad to know Sammy might come into the family. Mom filled out the application and went through all of the interviews and DRoH decided Mom was suitable to get to adopt one of their babies. On July 3, 2004, Sammy came to live with Mom.

About six months later, DRoH was in desperate need of foster homes for all of the new dogs that were coming in. (Do we even need to discuss how sad it is that so many dogs need to find new homes because of being abandoned by their first home?) Mom volunteered to take in a foster. She went to the SPCA to pick up two dogs, Maggie & Jake, that were there and planned to deliver one of them to another foster home the next day. By the time the next day came around, she couldn't part with either one of them. Aunt Bec ended up adopting Maggie. DRoH had another dog that needed a foster home so Mom took him in. That dog was Andy. When someone was thinking about adopting Jake, Aunt Bec decided Jake needed to stay with us. She adopted Jake and Mom adopted Andy. Mom had to promise Aunt Bec that she wouldn't foster any more dogs because they didn't have room to adopt anymore!

That's how we all came to live with Mom. We each took a different path to reach the same place. This is our forever home and we love each other, we love Mom and we love our lives here. We also are pretty fond of our blogging friends.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow - super, ultra cool! You have the BEST Mom! I am so happy for you guys - Sammy and Andy got their forever home and Roxie got her brothers! What could be better than that!!!! Aunt Bec is pretty special too - you have a big extended family now with Jake and Maggie and all us blogger friends! Thanks for sharing!

Cairo The Boxer said...

WOW your mom not only has a big heart but her sister does too! Congrats on your forever home. My parents tell me they will rescue next time. Maybe when we move to our forever home (we live in a townhouse) they will adopt a brother or sister for me. But for now they will be happy with just me.

Great story!

Isabella said...

I love your story! And the happy ending.
Big Wags,

Isabella said...

PS- Not to be nosey,(well I guess it really is nosey-heehee) but what happened to the boyfriend that got Roxie for your mom's birthday?
Big Wags,

Dachsies Rule said...

The boyfriend wore out his welcome and they stopped seeing each other by the end of the year. Mom figures she got to keep the best part of that relationship ... Roxie!

Cubby said...

Great story! Rescue is sad, but there are lots of happy moments, too.