Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday? Already?

Wow, it's Sunday already. We've been home for almost a week and haven't had time to write anything.

We had a great time in the country. Mom took pictures of us so we hope to get some of those posted soon. She gave us some new toys too and we really enjoyed playing with them. Mom bought some for us and our cousins to each have one but we ended up all wanting to play with the same one or two of them. A couple of the squeakies were rendered squeakless before the first day was over. Mom started keeping a closer eye on us and took them away and mended them before we could do too much damage. Andy was really disappointed. He works so hard to get to the squeaky and then Mom steps in and takes the toy away. By the time Andy gets it back, he has to rip another hole in it to get to the inside and Mom steps in ... well, you get the picture.

We'll tell you more about our trip when we get the pictures out of the camera.

Hey, this morning was exciting. Mom forgot to turn off the alarm before she opened the door. She doesn't do that too often but it gets interesting around here when it happens! Since this only happens at 6:00 am, the first thing she does is shut the door so, maybe, the neighbors won't all hear it. Like that will happen. That thing is so loud nobody could sleep through it. Then she tries to get to the keypad to enter her code and shut off the horn. This is where we come in. We run around her feet and stay as close to her as we can. It's our job to protect her and we take it very seriously. I don't think we are allowed to repeat what she says but it's something like "please get out of my way" ... with color. Finally, the alarm company calls and she has to confess that it was a mistake. Then she blames it on us; do you think the alarm people believe her? Not that it matters because, by this time we are wide awake and all excited. We have no intention of going back to sleep so Mom doesn't even try. Sometimes we even get fed early!

Yesterday we went to our cousins' house! Ok, it really belongs to Aunt Bec but we went to visit our cousins. Aunt Bec's roommate is out of town so we could go visit. The roommate likes us but thinks five dachshunds is a little overwhelming. It was cool! We got to sniff different plants and chase different bugs and bark at different dogs. We even chased a toad but Aunt Bec and Mom jumped up and put him outside of the fence when they saw him. We also got to lay around on different furniture. The only thing that was the same was Mom and Aunt Bec and that was a good thing.

Hey, what makes a dog more spoiled: getting lots of toys, getting people food, or getting to sleep with Mom every night? The family has a discussion going on about this or at least the three dachshund owned families. We say toys do not spoil a dog but that might be because our house looks like the toy aisle at PetsMart. So what do you think? Which one makes for a happier animal and which for a spoiled animal? And which are you???

Well, gotta go. Mom says the PetsMart bather is waiting for us. And we were just getting to that special smell we enjoy so much.

The Dachsies


katy said...

I love your Dachsies. I got one for my 5th birthday whan I was a little girl and named her Gizzy. She was such a doll. I used to dress her up in baby clothes and push her around in my toy carriage. You are luck to have such cuties.
Katy (Daisys mom)

Isabella said...

FGlad to see an entry from you- I was starting to worry about all of you.

Spoiled? What makes a spoiled dog? Dogs can't be spoiled- just well loved!
Big Wags,

Zach said...

Mom says that she doesn't want dog hair in the bed so we have to sleep on the floor. Then we don't get people food anymore - except for those carrot things - don't forget to get your Mom to buy some for you - and our toys come from garage sales. But I think we are spoiled because our Mom and Dad love us to bits!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...


Your doggies are awfully cute ! Would you mind if we added them to our master list of 'dogbloggers' over at ? Would love to see them over there...