Monday, June 26, 2006

A Stranger in the House!

Mom has been home all day because she was waiting for the repair man. He was supposed to be here between 8:00 and noon and he showed up at 3:52. Now that he is here, we are in jail. We are supposed to be loose so we can protect her. She needs protecting from the strange man who is repairing the refrigerator. How are we supposed to sniff him and tell him to watch out if we are in jail? Tell Mom to let us out before it is too late!!

He is just around the corner. We can hear him. Oh no! Mom went in there! He just gave her a long, skinny piece of paper that she is signing. Oh good, he is leaving. He wasn't here very long, it is only 4:12 now. Mom is looking at a long, skinny piece of paper and shaking her head. She just sighed and said "Oh well." If she would let us out of here, we would show her how much we love her and make her smile again.

Ok, he is gone and we are out of jail. Mom is pretty tricky with those treats otherwise we never would have gone into the pen! We need to go outside now and make sure he has really left. See what good guard dogs we are?


Zach said...

Wow - I can't believe that your Mom put you in jail! I bet that repair guy had leather boots on so you could nibble at his ankles and it wouldn't even bother him! Tell her to look at his feet next time and if it looks safe then you shouldn't have to go in the pen. If not try standing on each other's back until one of you can jump out. I knew some mountain dogs that did this nearly every time we went for a walk - Mom hated it becauses they would jump out of their pen and chase us! She even went to their owner's house and complained. They moved shortly after that. Mom's are very effective, you know!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

I think your mum should have given the repair man her own "long skinny piece of paper" for keeping her waiting so long - and making you guys have to be put in "jail" for so long !
Glad you have escaped now !

Isabella said...

I bet that long skinny piece of paper is a bill she has to pay. But if she gives him her money, she won't have as much money to buy you kids toys and treats. So your mission is to find the long skinny piece of paper and chew it up. After it is all chewed up she won't have to pay it.
Big Wags,

Ivy said...

wut a bummer! your mom sounds just like my peepol -- they never understand that i am just trying to do my job when i bark at skary peepol and make them go away.

like that giant yellow thing on wheels. it used to come every morning and swallow up little kids and i barked at it every single morning and finally it gave up becuz i am so good and it haznt come for a whole full moon now.

next time i hope you get out of your cage to skare off the bad man with his evil piece of paper.