Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Family Reunion

Wow! Talk about a great day! We had so much fun visiting with our relatives. Here is a picture of Aunt Lexie. She keeps Grandma and Grandpa out of trouble. She makes sure they get up in the morning and remember to feed her and take her for her walk. She makes sure they remember to do it all again in the evening. She has a tough job since old people don't move very fast and they can be kind of set in their ways. She has been working on them for seven years. She is ten years old now. Her first mommy was responsible enough to find Lexie a good home. She came with lots of rules which Grandma and Grandpa promptly broke and started to spoil her like all dachshunds should be spoiled. We aren't complaining since Grandma and Grandpa taught our mom how to spoil us!

Here is a picture of Jakie. He takes care of Mom's older sister and her husband. He is full of energy. He had some bad luck turn into really good luck. When he was a puppy, someone drove out to the country and opened the door of their car. Jakie jumped out and the driver closed the door and drove off!!! The car behind him stopped and opened their door so he jumped in. The second driver was a friend of Jakie's dad and told him about Jakie. Jakie's mom wanted him and you can see she was very persuasive! We aren't sure how anyone could resist this face!

This beautiful girl is Missy (who is a sheltie and not an Australian shepherd as we said earlier). She takes care of Mom's next younger sister and her husband and two sons. She used to have a brother, Bubba, but he went over the rainbow bridge. Now she has to take care of everyone by herself. She is very sweet and gentle. She wasn't too sure about all of the dachshunds running around but we got along pretty well. She was a show off though. When her dad told her to sit, she did. Talk about making us look bad!! But we love her anyway.

This is Kaiser. He lives with Mom's younger brother and his wife. He used to be a working dog. Kaiser's dad likes to go duck hunting and Kaiser is/was his retriever. Kaiser is so well trained that his dad just has to make hand signals and Kaiser knows what he is supposed to do! We don't know if Kaiser still goes hunting or not. His dad really loves him whether they still go hunting together or not.

This is Hannibal. He also lives with Mom's younger brother and his wife. He is Kaiser's son. He is pretty well trained too but, since he really belongs to his mom, he doesn't have to be quite as well trained. Of course both of them are REALLY BIG so it helps for them to have good manners. If they acted like us it would be big trouble!!

We didn't want you to think the big dogs were in control today. Here we are telling Hannibal who is boss and he is listening to everything we had to say! If enough of us talk at once, you pretty much have to listen to us.

Anyway, it was a great day full of new experiences. We got together last year too. We are already looking forward to next time. The only complaint we have is ... the humans had hot dogs and hamburgers and didn't share one single bite with any of us. Can you believe they were so selfish?? And then they had homemade peach ice cream and didn't share that either!! We're glad the dogs at least had some manners!

We were so tired we slept all the way home. Mom fed us dinner and then told us she had to make a phone call. It seems while we were having fun, Mom's refrigerator decided to stop making cold air. The repair man comes on Monday. I guess Mom is going to be throwing out a lot of stuff! Too bad we didn't know sooner; we would have eaten everything for her so it wouldn't go to waste.

Well, off to bed for us. It has been a long day! We will look through the pictures and see if there is anything else good. (We did get one of Roxie and Sammy at the compost pile ... or, as Mom and Aunt Bec are calling it, Chez Pile'.)

Sweet dreams and see you tomorrow!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

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Zach said...

Wow - you had tons of fun! So many new butts to sniff - if you could reach them. That might even make up for the lack of manners the humans showed to you by depriving you of hot dogs!